It started quite a few years ago already,   back in 1996, with renting out just one house: mine! I was excited to share my passion for a region that is so dear to my heart. Internet was just born: very few at that time thought it could be a way to start a business with nothing else than an idea. With time and some luck, the website grew and with that more properties joined: cottages, villas, old farms or just apartments in the nearby village. Soon we formed a group of lucky owners, eager to share their experience and help each other when needed. We got caught by the passion of making others happy, of relentlessly embellishing our home and with that, the region we so much love!

'One dream, one house'  


While hotel chains do their best to provide the same identical service in every one of their units around the globe, we are very happy to offer a totally unique place to every visitor. A spot and a property like no other, a place and an experience they will not forget. Every cottage, farmhouse or villa has its own personality, its own soul. This has a lot to do with the fact that every place has its own past. It is also the accomplishment of every owner, who's care and love is to be felt in the smallest details.

'Chasing the perfect spot'


Not many places in the world offer as much diversity as our dear Almijara Coast. The fertile valleys around Nerja and Almuñecar host many cozy villa's that are close enough to the town. Further out on the wild coast, ancient farms allow us to imagine what life was in the ancient times. In fact, think that running water and electricity only came there in the 1970's. Higher in the hills, smaller cortijo's offer breathtaking views to the sea and the mountain tops. By very clear weather, even the coast of Africa is visible from there. At some point however, one realises that there is no such thing as a 'perfect spot'. Rather as many perfect and amazing places as there are different people, different moments in life and different dreams.

Love for detail


As true as 'the devil is in the details' they say, it is the same for happiness. Renting properties, just like cooking, like art, is all about valuing every little detail of your house, of the experience we want to share, of the pleasure we want to provide. Love for even the smallest detail, because every detail contains the secret of love, the secret of happiness.