About us

It all started with one single house and one owner, eager to share his passion for this wonderful region. Through time, more joined and soon formed a network of lucky residents and proprietors of a house, villa, old farm or just an apartment in the nearby village. By sharing tips, helping each others when required, soon the team learned how to offer the best of what you have, forestall the guest's needs and imagine how your house will still be more beautiful in the future.

One dream, one house

As true as a hotel chain is proud to offer everywhere in the world the same service, we are especially glad that no house looks like another. Every cottage, cortijo or villa has it's own personality, it's own soul. This is certainly due to the strong character of every single area on this coast, where people and History have shaped ways of life and forged legends proper to every valley, hill or cliff. It is also the accomplishment of every house owner who's love for his property can be perceived in the smallest details.


Chasing the perfect spot

In such a diverse region you can really find something for every taste. The richly planted valleys around Nerja offer secluded cozy villa's still nearby the animated town. Further on the coast, ancient farms give a feel of what life was here in the ancient times. Climbing higher in the hills, small country houses offer breathtaking views over the mountain tops and the sea. The more we go, the more we learn that there is no such thing as a 'perfect spot', but as many amazing spats as there are different people, different moments or desires.